Vote of Thanks

We are truly grateful to all our supportive agencies whose intensive supports motivate us continuously and it boosts our positive energies towards good work. With intense support of SAVE THE CHILDREN, we have conducted various training and workshops on human trafficking, sexual abuse or exploitation of women and children, Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, Balsamwad- Children’s voice and many other related issues. We are really thankful to UNICEF for their continuous support in Training of Juvenile Welfare Officers under Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU) on capacity building of law enforcement agencies in a sustainable way. Presently, PLAN INDIA, ACTION AID, BRC (CWS) and SAVE THE CHILDREN are support us in a survey on human trafficking in 8 cross border districts in Bihar. ATSEC Bihar is grateful for the efforts of Police and CID Depptt. and other departments of Bihar Government for their commitment to the anti-trafficking cause. We extend our heartiest thanks to all of our supportive agencies without whose active guidance and well coordination, our endeavour towards works may not have been successful.

ATSEC, an international network started in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Presently it is being implemented in different countries of South East Asia like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. The office of national chapter of ATSEC for India is situated at Kolkata. Out of 26 state chapters in India including Bihar Chapter, ATSEC- Bihar is the state chapter of Bihar which was initiated in November 2001. ATSEC, Bihar, a network of NGOs working in all 38 districts of Bihar is taking steps forward to crusade against unprecedented increase in human trafficking in partnership with government, judiciaries, police, PRI representatives, opinion makers and community. In Bihar, ATSEC chapter is focusing to curb illicit and clandestine movement of persons across national and international borders in name of trafficking. We do this by resource mobilization, information dissemination, skill development and organizational effectiveness of our partner organizations. more..

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