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Activities 2011-2012
  1. Combating trafficking of vulnerable girls through unsafe migration with the joint hands of ATSEC Bihar and IOM Hyderabad
  2. This program aimed to combat trafficking through unsafe migration of vulnerable girls by providing them training of Security guard and placing them in different corporate houses so that they can earn their livelihood.

  3. Mainstreaming the vulnerable youths with the joint initiatives of ATSEC Bihar and CRPF
  4. Youths vulnerable to naxalism in some areas of Bihar are chosen under this project and were provided training of Security guard with the help of CRPF and were placed in different corporate houses like offices, malls, restraints etc. so that they canít be lured or coerced by Maoists to join them.


  5. Three days training program for trainers
  6. This training program was for the D.S.P. rank officials from the vulnerable districts to trafficking chosen by ministry of home. It was a three day long training program with the joint initiatives of save the Children, Bihar Police and ATSEC Bihar. It was phased in two stage. First training program was facilitated in 2011 and in this year 2012 is the second phase of training.

    • To train the D.S.P. ranked officials on anti trafficking laws.
    • To highlighted the actual scenario, problem analysis of trafficking.
    • Several Suggestions, recommendation and feedbacks of the participants will immensely helpful to create a definite and detailed action plan for future work.

  7. Awareness campaign on Child Protection and Human Trafficking in Sonpur Mela, 2011, Place: Harihar Kshetra Mela, Sonpur, Bihar
  8. Sonpur Mela is the biggest Animal Fair in which people from different corners of the country come for trade of animals and for religious reasons also. Government of Bihar is the prime authority for organizing this fair as there are visit of lakhs of people. The Crime Investigation Department, Bihar Police, Govt. of Bihar is one of the major participants in this fair which displays its achievement and objectives towards the protection of civic society. In collaboration with Save the Children, Bal Raksha Bharat under the flagship of Bihar Police, Government of Bihar, and ATSEC- Bihar is organizing a full month Awareness campaign at Sonpur Mela to spread the message on Child Protection, safeguarding the child right and Anti-trafficking activities among urban, rural and semi urban and semi rural masses of the state. The opportunity of organizing such awareness campaign helped us to contact and aware a giant and voluminous number of mass at a single platform.


    1. To make the community aware on issues of child protection from every form of exploitation and human trafficking.
    2. To utilize the common platform with different wings of law enforcement agency towards making of a child-friendly environment.
    3. Put all important stakeholders under one roof to disseminate the messages of combating human trafficking and juvenile justice.


    1. Around 2000 to 4000 people were informed and awared on the issues of child protection, neglect, abuse and human trafficking.
    2. It was also our great success that we founded that many people, after watching the performance of Nukkad shows, were engaged in the discussion on subjects like trafficking of girls, girl child education, child marriage, gender discrimination, etc.

Sonepur Mela