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  1. Workshop on Building Public Private Partnership (PPP) to combat human trafficking in Bihar ( Patna , 18th July 2009 )

  2. Outcomes:

    1. To provide skill based training to10k students especially from flood affected and Naxalites prone areas.
    2. Piloting with ATSEC where 100 children to be selected from the roadside Dhabas in Hajipur to Rauxal route for skill development training followed with absorption for 15 years of job contract or work with the local NGO at district level in this regard.
    3. Through this workshop we had discuss and find out the real problem at community level under which pressure they are being the victims of trafficking.
    4. Workshop directly gave us the opportunity to create the open atmosphere for investment and development of the areas.
    5. Through media participation we had succeed to spread the message about the interest of corporate sectors.
    6. Government has also been interested in creating a good atmosphere for corporate at different areas of Bihar .


  3. Joint Strategy Formulation for Combat Cross Border (Indo-Nepal) Human Trafficking (7- 8 November 2009 ) Balmikinagar, Bihar

  4. Outcomes:

    1. A 24 point Declaration is emerged for combating human trafficking in the cross border districts of Bihar and Nepal .

    2. An unanimous plan of action was furnished by Save the Children, Plan International, Action Aid, Group Development and Bihar Resource Centre, to conduct Research on status and situational analysis of Human Trafficking in cross border districts of Bihar .


  5. One-Day Meet to Strengthen Integrated Anti Human Trafficking Unit in Bihar (26 th August 2009 )

  6. Outcomes:

    •  Assessment and follow up had done at all the levels, process and functioning of IAHTU in the state.

    •  In the functioning of AHTU, what are the shortcomings, challenges and Overcoming strategies and coordination with all stakeholders had also discussed.

    •  To provide the technical know-how of trafficking and their prevention to create a trafficking-free zone

    •  It had also ensured that the effective coordination and partnership of law enforcement agency and development agency towards combating trafficking

  7. Capacity building on roles and responsibilities of new recruited Policemen (SIs/ Daroga) on the prevention of human trafficking in the State (August 09 to September 09)

  8. Outcomes:

    1. In Gaya 249 policemen, in Muzaffarpur 300 policemen, in Jamalpur 300 policemen, in CTS Nathnagar 1024 policemen, in Katihar 200 policemen were well trained and sensitized on the issue.
    2. It has empowered Police on issue relating to Anti Human Trafficking particularly in carrying out investigation of cases pertaining to Human Trafficking.
    3. Training against all exploiters, traffickers and others involved persons under penal provisions.
    4. Participants are highly motivated after training as some Investing Officers and have taken strong actions in their respective areas.


  9. One day Training of Police Officers on human trafficking (20.02 2010)



    1. Core initiatives for priority rehabilitation of trafficked victims.
    2. Initiation of human Trafficking data in crime data at Thana level.
    3. Messages/ hording/ notices related to Human trafficking at Thana level
    4. Need of Counseling Cell at bottom level
    5. Need of Vulnerable mapping
    6. Rescue and rehabilitation with outgoing approaches
    7. Be attentive and pro active in all the operations
    8. Need of capacity building at bottom level
    9. Messages/ hording/ notices related to HT at Thana level
    10. 10 Identification of actual accused/ operator


  11. World education campaign'' recognized by Global action week

  12. Outcomes :

    This movement had covered 9 big districts of Bihar named Madhepura, Bhagalpur, Saharsa, Munger, Jamui, Nawada, Gaya, Rohtas and Patna yet and planning to cover more districts in near future with the support of CARE, National Collation for Education (NCE) and Bachpan Bachao Andolan.

    •  Fact finding of constraints, gaps in education system like dropouts, least participation of girls and children from social excluded families in village level schools

    2. Initiation of enrollment drive, formation and adaptability of sustainable and proper syllabus for children of remote villages.

    3. Sensitization and mobilization process has been emerged with district education councils, govt. line department CSOs and media in all the 9 districts.

    4. Instigating Efforts for prevent child labour, child marriages, trafficking and abuse of children in all the targeted districts with unanimous strategies of Government, CSOs and media.


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