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  1. Report presentation program On “Status and situational analysis of Human Trafficking in Cross Border districts (Indo-Nepal) of Bihar”
  2. In context of Bihar, the Indo-Nepal cross border districts of Bihar is prone to trafficking problems. India is a country of origin, transit and destination for trafficked persons. Such as Nepalese are trafficked to India, Indians are trafficked to other countries in Asia, the middle East, and the West, Nepalese are trafficked through India to other countries like the Gulf states. Every year approximately 5000 to 7000 Nepali girls are trafficked into the red light districts in Indian cities. Many of these girls are barely 9 or 10 years old. 2,00,000 to over 2,50,000 Nepali women and girls are already in Indian brothels.

    This issue being kept in mind ATSEC Bihar was conducting a study about status and situational analysis of human trafficking in cross border districts of Bihar, with the support of a research organization named IMPACT partners in Social development and with the joint initiatives of save the Children, Plan (India), Action Aid and BRC (CWS).


    1. To present the through report of 8 cross border districts of Bihar. This helped out to found the current situation of migrants and their position in society.
    2. To highlighted the actual scenario, problem analysis of these districts instead of their caste and religion.
    3. Several Suggestions, recommendation and feedbacks of the participants will immensely helpful to create a definite and detailed action plan for future work.

    Supporting NGOs:
    8 NGOs were contacted and visited covering 8 cross border areas in Bihar to have in-depth discussion with their officials on various types of interventions being implemented by their organization. Following are the names of the of the organizations:

    1. Adithi
    2. Berojgar Sangh
    3. Lakshya Trust
    4. Mandan Bharti
    5. Nirdesh
    6. Prayas Bharti Trust
    7. Rahat
    8. Sakhi
    It was a brilliant interactive session probably it will lead to develop an appropriate action plan for further working in this field.

  3. Workshop to Introduce Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 in curriculum of Law
  4. On dated 07.11.2010, with the joint hand of Save the Children, ATSEc- Bihar and CNLU, a workshop has been organized at the premises of Chanakya National Law University, Patna to introduce as well promote ITPA in the course curriculum of law students of CNLU to create genuine sensitivity and awareness for effective utility of the Law for the complete wellbeing of trafficked victims especially women and children as well penalties for culprit and accuse.

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  5. Workshop on Children's voice “Balsamwad”
  6. A workshop was organized on the joint collaboration of ATSEC Bihar, Save the Children, Patna, Bachpan Bachao Andolan and State Child Labour Commission, GoB on the issue of Childs' participation where children from underprivileged community mainly, children from slum areas, child labours, non school going children, domestic workers and children from Mahadalit communities participated and freely told their inner wishes and demands from life before all dignitaries. Children coming from underdeveloped society, those even got a opportunity to spoke against their exploitation were freely interacted with different officials of various departments and said them their previous and present condition, what they want from life. The dignitaries discussed about the different causes of this crime.


    Provide a platform to children to speck and give them morale boost as well as motivate them towards the positive approach of life. It will clear the picture of the children in our society so that we can take necessary actions further.


    1. Balsamawad provided a child friendly space, where, children from slums, Mahadalit communities, non school going girls were shared their pain and grief.
    2. It also help us in sketching the condition of these children, their education, health and their other basic rights
    3. Many Children were come and share their thoughts on child development and what are the needs of a child for proper development from their point of view.
    4. Coming and performing on stage, gives them great amount of boost and confidence
    5. Via Nukkad shows all children were aware and sensitized on how they are facing humiliation in homes, schools and in any workplace etc.

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  7. Awareness campaign on Child Protection and Human Trafficking in Sonpur Mela, 2010, Place: Harihar Kshetra Mela, Sonpur, Bihar
  8. Sonpur Mela is the biggest Animal Fair in which people from different corners of the country come for trade of animals and for religious reasons also. Government of Bihar is the prime authority for organizing this fair as there are visit of lakhs of people. The Crime Investigation Department, Bihar Police, Govt. of Bihar is one of the major participants in this fair which displays its achievement and objectives towards the protection of civic society. In collaboration with Save the Children, Bal Raksha Bharat under the flagship of Bihar Police, Government of Bihar, and ATSEC- Bihar is organizing a full month Awareness campaign at Sonpur Mela to spread the message on Child Protection, safeguarding the child right and Anti-trafficking activities among urban, rural and semi urban and semi rural masses of the state. The opportunity of organizing such awareness campaign helped us to contact and aware a giant and voluminous number of mass at a single platform.


    1. To make the community aware on issues of child protection from every form of exploitation and human trafficking.
    2. To utilize the common platform with different wings of law enforcement agency towards making of a child-friendly environment.
    3. Put all important stakeholders under one roof to disseminate the messages of combating human trafficking and juvenile justice.


    1. Around 2000 to 4000 people were informed and awared on the issues of child protection, neglect, abuse and human trafficking.
    2. It was also our great success that we founded that many people, after watching the performance of Nukkad shows, were engaged in the discussion on subjects like trafficking of girls, girl child education, child marriage, gender discrimination, etc. We have founded them in a serious discussion on the topic and they were promising to not to neglect education of girl child and to protect them at their best.

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ITPA Workshop


Sonepur Mela